Where can they Set up?


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adverb: outdoors
in or into the open air; outside a building or shelter.
“it was warm enough to eat outdoors”


adverb: indoors
into or within a building.
“they went indoors and explored the building”

noun: indoors
the area or space inside a building.
“the rain makes indoors feel so warm and safe”
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adverb: anywhere
in or to any place.
“he could set this show anywhere”

pronoun: anywhere
any place.
“he doesn’t have anywhere to live”

While the packed concert halls and movie theaters went into “Lock Down” many have turned to the re-vival of the Drive in Movie, once thought to be the only outside public event that could maintain social spacing while providing entertainment. Problem was… almost every one has a Large scale LED screen in the comforts of their own home showing the latest first run movies when most drive ins are showing classics from last year to 20 years ago.

Enter Lite Up America!

We have created a vibrant, fresh, never seen before custom shows themed with various music of our lives. Something that can not be replicated in your living room and something that makes viewing from the last row better than being up close! Covid compliant, socially spaced entertainment is now available and flexible enough to fit into your local community and scaled to size that you need. Contact us to see how we can provide the fresh entertainment that your group or community needs!

Definition of: “The Show”

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