Definition of: “the Show!”

en·ter·tain·ment/ˌen(t)ərˈtānmənt/Learn to pronounce. noun

  1. the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.”everyone just sits in front of the TV for entertainment”

Entertainment has a variety of meanings. LIVE is one of the more exciting forms and when it is visual, in your face, it becomes captivating! Lite Up America makes the Lasers become the star of the show. Set to universal themes and music, it becomes a captivating art form that expands beyond the walls of your typical theater to surround you with what some describe as a once in a lifetime experience.

Current Shows in Production:

Summer of 69
Pink Floyd Fantasy
Electric Holiday
Electric Ocean- Sea World Orlando
Mardi Gras
Proud to be an American


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